Summer Seasonal Pass – REVIEWED

Man, what a summer it was! Backpacking adventures, trips to the crag, camping with the family and everything else in between. With that said, we knew not to skimp out on the Summer Seasonal Pass. The Summer Pass was full of hot weather related items that were sure to increase your comfort in the backcountry but also keep you safe.

Below is a break down of the items we packed and what makes them stellar in their category.

Here we go…

Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad

Been yearning for a top-notch sleeping pad that’s durable and won’t feel like a ton in your pack? The award-winning Static V Sleeping Pad weighs in at a mere 18.6oz but delivers unprecedented comfort. The Static V is a dream come true for hikers both new and experienced.

Hydrapak 2L Reservoir

Not all water reservoirs are created equally. Bomber-proof and easy to open, the Hydrapak 2L water reservoir is one of our gear expert’s favorite reservoirs to date. The simple slide-on top makes emptying and gathering water a breeze.

Buff Head Scarf

Third up, the Buff head garment. Designed to keep the sun off of your head and mosquitoes at bay when sharing stories around the fire, it can actually be your best friend any time of the year – try it as a windproof scarf and more in the winter months.

Sawyer Inline Water Filter

Are you tired of hauling around pumps and worrying when using unreliable sanitization pens? We give you, the Sawyer Water Filter. Easy to add inline with your water reservoir, you can also use the pouches it comes with to filter your precious replenishment.

Good Life Granola

Keen on granola? So are we and we must say, the folks at Good Life Granola based in Grand Rapids, MI have just the treat for you. Supporting our local roots is something we love doing but we also love a damn good bag of granola.

Gear Aid: Odor Eliminator

“I love the smell of feet”…. said no one ever. Make sure you keep your foot BO in check after long hikes, trail runs or stressful moments at the office with Gear Aid’s Odor Eliminator.

2x SOL Tinder Quik

Everyone loves a great tinder starter. SOL Fire Tinder is easy to ignite and so simple a caveman could use it (and appreciate).

Pretty amazing stuff, right? Wanna get in on this action? What are you waiting for?! Order here and use coupon code ‘new2isle’ to get 25% off your first Seasonal or Monthly Pass.